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Currently we offers 3 unique “Storage of Value” Coins:




Collectable Coin


Asset Token

Do more with Wakanda Coin ™ in the City of Wakanda ™

Wakanda Coin is not only a solution for Africans, African-Americans, and our brothers and sisters living in the Diaspora worldwide but also for those who stand for peace and financial freedom. Members that may have an interest in doing business in Africa will have the advantage of doing so through our City of Wakanda Marketplace App.

Your Wakanda has an official currency now!

Our Plan to Work:

We plan on working and partnering with various individuals, businesses, and entrepreneurs all around the world.

We will make it mainstream around the world and make it as a single digital currency on which citizens can transact.
We will focus on changing the way both consumers and businesses transact with payments online.

Make it more SECURE, CHEAPER, and EASIER.

OWC – Official Wakanda Coin

We have the only revolutionary solution for people in developing countries and of African descent living in the Diaspora.

Stellar Blockchain and your digital wallet are both highly secure and safe

The team’s token reserve are locked to promote fair and ethical tokenomics

OWC – Official Wakanda Coin

The Official Pan African Cryptocurrency

Wakanda Coin and companies was established to give citizens of the world an opportunity to participate in our digital economy and to solve a variety of challenges that the “unbanked” population of the world are face with in today’s rapidly changing economies.

Why Wakanda Coin?

Wakanda Coin is a Pan African Cryptocurrency created for the following reasons:

Advantages of Purchasing OWC

Why customers love our crypto gateway

Up to 90% less in processing costs

Attract new customers who can't pay with credit or debit card

Attract new customers who can't pay with credit or debit card

No chargebacks, no rolling reserve

Easy settlements with contractors or employees in crypto

Easy settlements with contractors or employees in crypto

Instant transactions (no banks are involved)

Start accepting wakanda coin for online payments

Set-up crypto currency payments infrastructure, track orders and manage your Wakanda Coin earnings in style! Access a fully integrated and versatile platform that supports major crypto assets.

Fast – quick registration

Flexible – multiple tools
Easy – user-friendly experience

Why accept Wakanda Coin and other cryptocurrencies?

Once you start accepting payments in crypto currencies such as Wakanda Coin, Bitcoin, Litecoin, XRP, Ether and others, you’ll be surprised how many advantages crypto payment option poses over conventional payment methods!
  • Low fees
  • Irreversible payments
  • Micro-transactions
  • Superior customer privacy
  • More potential customers!

Wakanda coin is your gateway to cryptocurrencies worldwide


Reach new markets instantly

Eliminate fraud 

No charge-backs or ID theft

Just 1.5% 

No hidden fees ever